Piya Behrupiya-Don’t miss it

“Ek Kahani laya huin main jis ka theme ha pyaar, Aur pyaar se badh ke to koi feeling nahin ha yaar ”

These are the lines from a super duper play/musical called  Piya Behrupiya (, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth night) which I got to see last night because of great friends like Jyotsna, Jamal, Ipshita and Ajit who organized a ticket despite a full show.

I don’t want to sound like a commercial advert for the play “Piya Behrupiya” but if there is only one play that you would like to watch it has to be this. So yesterday as part of the National School of Drama’s annual festival I got to watch “Piya Behrupiya”. It is a Shakespeareans play but thankfully with no “thees” and “though’s” and in a language that I can understand.

A timeless Shakespeare’s story,  amazing cast, perfect dialogue,great timing and beautiful music kept 500 plus audience mesmerized till the end at the Kamani Auditorium New Delhi. Its hard to imagine that the actors were so talented that they can sing, dance, act remember the lines and do all of this in front of live audience for over 2 hours non-stop. It was just magical. I could not spot a single person in the crowd who was not laughing and enjoying the show. No doubt that the whole crew including the director Atul Kumar got a standing ovation at the end of the play.

For me this was best of India- Truly world class.



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