9 days to full Marathon- 20th January 2012, Mumbai

“All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go, I’m waiting here outside your door… (hmmm not quite actually ). Sorry John Denver

I’m not sure if I’m quite there yet to face a full marathon with confidence.The longest run that I have done this season is about 32-34 Kms but in a cool 15 degrees Delhi. Mumbai is not going to be so kind with sun and humidity.

I feel like I have an exam on the 20th and I’m not sure how I will perform.  I feel like training more but that is the most foolish mistake any runner can make so close to the marathon. Rahul Nainwal Now is the time to rest or may be do some short maintenance runs for 5-7 kms and wait in the trench. No point rushing towards blazing guns.

Another thing to pay attention is to start eating good carbohydrates- brown rice, pasta, potatoes and the likes. Just doing carbo-loading ( a technical excuse to eat even more) the night before the marathon is not going to be of much help.  Also very important is to be fully hydrated and I mean coconut water and regular water and not beer :). This time I’m also going to check if eating Ramdaana Ladoos will help or not. Ramdaana is hindi for “Amarinth” which is supposedly quite good for runners.Normally they are consumed during fasting period by Hindus.  Ramdaana reminds me of the lines from a very famous Bhajan

” Tera Raam Jee karenge baeda paar, udaasee mun kaahe ko dare”

My coach and pacer Shree Amit Ojha jee will be carrying a ” Shahtoot Ke Chadee ( a stick to beat us )” in the traditional Indian coach style to make sure we don’t give up on the way. He has only two words of advice  1) Don’t run fast in the beginning and 2) Dabba ke Khao ( eat lots of food). Baaki Race wale din ho jayega ( The rest will happen automatically on the day of the race).

So lots of hopes and aspirations for the D day. Let’s see how it goes.


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