How to make city safe for women- iVolunteer girl’s (and some guys) perspective

A brainstorming meeting initiated by a female colleague on how to  make city safe for women turned out to be really good. Some really nice points came up. Here is a list of some of the points in order of priority.

1 ) How can i fearlessly report a crime and or crime against women to the police without the fear of getting harassed by the police or the person against whom I have lodged the complaint. We felt that if this can be done then women/people will feel very safe and very forthcoming to report such matters to the police or any other authority.

2) Everyone felt public transport is a big issue in the city, A few concrete things came up like increasing the time of metro services to 1 am,  having more DTC buses in night, ensuring that the auto-rickshaws don’t refuse passengers, Meru cabs/call cabs pick up fare for shorter distances, bus stops are properly lit and have a safe environment. This can be a really big step towards feeling of safety and can actually make the city safe.

3) Both men and women feel unsafe because of drunken driving on the roads especially with drunk people in cars who drive recklessly, make cat calls and are ready to pick up a fight. A lot of these things happen in the night. There is a lot of illegal drinking that happens in the city which also leads to this. Many people drink in their cars, people drink near alcohol shops. Its not a surprise that most of the crimes against women are done by people inebriated state. Can Delhi Police do something about this?

4) Streets, parks and other common places are not well in night. This makes them feel unsafe. If the parks, roads and other nook and corner of the city are well lit and patrolled by the police then it can make a big impact in making the city safe.

Some of the other things that came up were around making the newly formed women help line work better. May be they can learn from Child line 1098 where irrespective of where the distressed child is help is provided.

Also it was generally felt by the group that women should know their rights when dealing with police or making a complaint. A peer group that supports them can also help.

Overall felt very good about this meeting. Let’s hope some of these things actually happen.


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