Map Un safe-Make Safe

The idea is simple.

Imagine, we have thousands of volunteers in Delhi ( preferably women) armed with a app that can use in built GPS of the phone, or SMS, or twitter to map areas which they find un-safe. For instance stretches which are dark because of no street lights to areas where people consume alcohol in the open to areas where illegal transport vehicles ply, or areas where there is a lot of eve teasing.

On this map the constituency  of  MLA of Delhi is also super imposed. Every month volunteers bring about  a “report card” of each constituency and check the progress against las months. I have no doubt that our Hon’ble MLA’s will look upon this data and do everything in their power to make their areas safe for his or her voters.

The same data can be accessed by the police force to take action  who always asks the citizens to be its eyes and ears.

We are ready, we will be your eyes and ears.

Map un safe. make safe


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