Stop Rape Now-2

I have been very disturbed since the last two days because of what happened in Delhi. Tomorrow there is a meeting called  by a friend and social entrepreneur Anshu Gupta at 2.30 PM , Lodi Garden to discuss what can ordinary citizens to prevent crimes like these from happening. I will be attending this meeting and would request more like minded people to join and see what can be done.

I’m also very angry with the callousness of Delhi Police to prevent crimes like these from happening. They do a lousy job in prevention and they do a equally lousy job at conviction. And how will they, as they have no time, will power and force to do this.

Most of the cops are engaged in protecting the VIPs and the VVIPs. The one who are left are either stationed at various barricades across the city where they are busy stopping bike riders and asking for PUC. Or they are busy stopping truck drivers for their daily collection. So who is going to stop the cars with tinted glasses or countless buses that are presumably running without official permission.

Preventing a crime that has a pattern is not rocket science. Even a common man who reads newspapers can tell Delhi police this

1) Most of the crimes against women in Delhi happen in the dark.

2) They happen in moving vehicles- cars and buses and not on two wheelers that police is so interested in stopping.

3) Drunk driving is involved.

Can our Police please increase patrolling when it is dark, stop suspicious cars, buses and trucks and positively check for drunk driving. And spread the word- “ladkee ke saath badtamazee ke to thukai bahut hogee”.

I can guarantee from next day onwards their will be no rapes in this city.


2 thoughts on “Stop Rape Now-2

  1. I highly appreciate your dream oriented “GUARANTEE” but not completely agree unless there is a promotional change in “INDIAN CONSTITUTION” as demanded by many respective leaders in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Sorry for botheration.

    Choubey, JS

  2. I was hoping all this will end with the world ending today! But guess God is following a different time zone.. or maybe man himself can end the world we know today… I wish women don’t have to look behind their should all the time and there is no talk of armored school bags for kids!

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