Stop Rape Now

There has been yet another gang rape in Delhi. There is uproar in our parliament. Politicians are busy scoring a point. Some people who specialize in “violence against women” have come up with another solution that involves sensitizing men to respect women. There will be a candle march somewhere and some people will shout slogans and then everyone will forget and wake up when the next rape happens.

When I was growing up I noticed one thing- guys will tease girls but no one dared to tease a girl whose brother or boy friend will give you a thrashing to remember for a life time. Very simple message- Tease my sister/ GF and some bones will be broken.

I’m wondering what is going through a rapist mind. I want this women ( or man) and I can get away with it or max will go to jail for a few months provided I get caught. According to a tweet by Arvind Kejriwal, in 2012 there were 500 plus rape cases and none of the rapist got prosecuted. So we can run all the campaigns and do the candle light marches, unless their is fear of God in every potential rapist we cannot solve this problem.

I don’t know how but we need to change the decision tree in a potential rapist mind to something like this.

“I want this women ( or man) even if she doesn’t want me. I will have her forcibly. But I will get caught. And I will be in Jail for the rest of my life. And if the public on the road catches me then I will get thrashed. Stop. Abort. Because there will be no workshop to go and attend to respect women.

I feel all of know the answer to what we should do to stop rapes from happening. Its only when we start thinking of the larger problem we get into complete inaction and start making intellectual arguments etc etc. God forbids if something like this was to happen to our close ones- we will know exactly what to do.

Man has it all in his hands, and it all slips through his fingers from sheer cowardice says  Fyodor Dostoyevsky in Crime and Punishment. 







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