Things worth overdoing

Sometimes something worth doing is worth overdoing-David Letterman

I can’t agree more. On 28th November a motley crew of a Doctor, Business man, a women constantly in labour and two too good for everything fella’s powered by Ram Daana Ladoos ( Amarinth) will be attempting the ride of their lives- Desert 500. For the un-initiated its a  250 Km long cycle ( yes cycle) race from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer ( halfway) and back. They will be on their cycles for more than 12 hours. There is a 500km race too but let’s talk about it next year.

So we asked them in a small interview held behind doors of cycle mechanic shop where they spend most of their afternoons. Our question was- why cycle, why not take a bus and catch a nap in between and then eat the daal baatee churma, laal maans and gatte ka saag and bajre ke rotee.

  • Mr O ( first good for everything fella): “Raghu kul Reet Sadda Chalee aayee- pran jaaye pur pagal pun na jaye”
  • Mr R ( the businessman): Biwi bought a really nice cycle, there is no place to cycle in Chandni chowk- I came to know about this race and thought raste main do teen logoin se payment bhee uthaa lunga. ( i will collect  payment on the way)
  • Mr S ( the doctor): lance wala naya steroid market mein aaya hai.. test kar lete hain.. ( there is new steroid that Lance was using now available in India- lets test it- off course only for medical uses)
  • Miss S ( constantly in Labour): Mama Mia- please don’t leave me for the truckers. I will do what ever distance you want me too.
  • Mr R ( the other good for everything Fella) : 250 Kms hmm… ladkiyan kitnee hain race main boss.

So as you can see all of them are so motivated and charged up. Wish them luck and wait to see the update by the weekend.


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