Indians-Grow up-Vadra and Khurshid are us.

“Where is the elephant in the room”.

Here is my experience of RTO office in Delhi to get a Driving license. I’m standing in the queue with 50 odd people. Every now and then some constable, some person with Khaki or the neighbor of the RTO officials will come and skip the queue and get his job done. No one standing in the queue objects. We all know it is perfectly normal for people with connections ( any connection or uniform) to get ahead.

So why blame Vadra? C’mon he is the son in law of Independent India’s oldest dynasty. If we don’t protest when someone with connection or power jumps the queue then we should not protest when Vadra does it too.

Khurshid can dare Kejriwal because he knows he can get his goons to do it for him. If he really is serious about challenging Kejriwal then he should challenge him like a real man does- a physical fight between Khurshid and Kejriwal. But I guess Khurshid is either too Oxfordish or too Cowardish to do that 🙂

The elephant in the room is that  most of us will not hesitate to use our connections or power to get something done. That is why most of us will choose to stay on the sideline of this epic battle that seems to be unfolding in India.

“Hub sab chori karte hain and power misuse karte hain”- we just hate people who are better than us in that.



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