Notebooks equals “Munna Paas ho gaya”

While you and me never had to worry about getting notebooks and pen/pencils while we were growing up there are lots of kids studying in schools today who don’t have access to these things because they simply cannot afford it.

This means that they get very little practice in writing for instance. Because to practice you need pen or pencil and a notebook. Many years back when I was motorbiking in the rural areas of Rajasthan a lot of kids going to school would stop me and ask if I have a pen that I can give to them.

A kid on an average needs 4-5  notebooks and about 12 pencils and some eraser to last a year. That is about Rs 100.

On 5th October I will be taking people for a ” walk of love” in Nizamuddin, New Delhi. I can take about 8 people on this walk. I’m requesting people to bid for these slots. All proceeds from this will go to buy notebooks and pencils. For any reason if you cannot make it to the walk please still donate notebooks. We will miss you but we still want your money.

Remember, is baar munna ko paas karwana hai 🙂


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