Joy of Giving week meets walk of love

This is pure accident. At iVolunteer where I work my office team asked me what I’m doing this time for Joy of Giving week. And this prompted me to combine my ” Walk of Love” at Nizamuddin with the Joy of giving.

So here is the plan.

People, come and enjoy the walk of love this Friday 5th October 2012. Listen to the stories of NIzamuddin and Amir Khusro. Enjoy the Kebabs and the Sheer Maal. All of this will be “Gratis” from me. You will be free to donate money on this walk. My request would be that you donate generously so that we can help kids from under privileged schools get access to education material like notebooks, pens etc.

So we would love to see you on our walk. The event link is here . If you want you can write to me and I will book a place for you.  Even if you cannot come but would like to donate then also do get back to me.

Let Love and Giving bloom in this world.


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