Anna Vs Kejriwal

Earlier there was Team Anna. And in the backdrop was India Against Corruption which is now rechristened or hijacked ( depending upon who your believe) as Final war against corruption. Now there are two separate groups- Kejriwal and Anna with the former wanting to set up  political party and the latter wanting to continue a people’s movement against corruption.

Both noble ideas I would say but the muck that has been flowing on the twitter and Facebook is making me believe that discussion is not so much about different strategies that these two groups are adopting but more about whether you like Kejriwal or Anna.

Anna is adorable, he is a Gandhian,his voice is mesmerizing and at his age he is fighting a war against corruption is commendable.

Kejriwal could have been making money like so many IRS officers but he fighting against some of the most powerful forces and people in India. He is a man of impeccable integrity. And just to put record straight- a lot of state governments and Central Government also receive funding from world bank.

Both are remarkable leaders. The problem however is that their followers have started idolizing them. Idolizing leaders or political leaders has done no country any good. German’s idolized Hitler and we all know what happened. When we idolize we have the tendency to live the past and not look in to the future. There is no scope for criticism or discussion.

I don’t know whether Anna’s movement or Kejriwal’s jump into politics is the answer to India’s corruption problem. And I doubt if anyone knows the answer- only the time  will tell. What I know is that these two paths that have the same goal. Now instead of supporting each other if we start fighting then from where we will get energy to fight the real issue.

The real issue as a reminder is to Fight Corruption.




One thought on “Anna Vs Kejriwal

  1. Agree with you Dude!

    When Anna addressed us from the stage at the IRMA Audi in 1998-99 …I was besotted by this simple small man, with an absolutely earthy aura who wore his heart on his sleeve and did what his heart said was right! And he did a lot of things right especially for the poor, down trodden and dis-enfranchised (including mother earth!).

    It was the 21 year old me, that then, saw the second short yet very powerful, influential, hard working leader (after Dr Kurien) who thought and lived for the poor, from that stage in quick succession!

    He retains his aura and earthy charm despite the strobe lights that project him into our bedrooms even today – therefore I like what he is trying to do, despite all their travails!

    I applaud Arvind’s work on the RTI front and his support to the Anti-Corruption movement. He however did not awe me in any manner (the way the shorter stalwarts, named earlier, did) perhaps for the absence of a cannon of pre-existing and conspicuous work nor for his display of character and leadership. This unfortunately has been the let down – for he has chosen the strobe lights to success without having done the due, in pure material terms like Anna and Dr Kurien. The rest of the slide, for me, has been as meteoric as had been his ascent – perhaps a victim of the vehicle he choose to ride – our middle class empathy to causes like corruption and our love for media creature of the mass audio visual media!

    What further adds to the distaste today, is the Utopian cause he seems to be after, as you have rightly identified (that which may not see the light at the end of the tunnel!). This to me becomes even more difficult to keep in perspective, when his work and effort (the cannon) of the past is inconspicuous, unlike those of Dr K & Anna, despite their quirks!

    Therefore I notice the fatigue and fall from grace – not of the God, with feet of clay – but the cause itself. Alas!

    PS – The larger problem I see in the anti-corruption wave, is the general belief that the phenomena is external to each of us (by abusing the Parliament & Legislators and transferring the onus on to them) and therefore the absence of the need to set our selves right and begin the course of correction 😦

    Well done, for writing a heartfelt piece and inducing lazy me, to put in black and white what had been internally buried for some time!


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