Coffee and Conversations

Coffee and Conversations

It was a nice cup of coffee

Cappuccino or Latte , Small or Grande

3 empty chairs or two

I took the change back?

what do I remember?

You said Hello,  I said Hello

I smiled?

Did I lose something.

What do I remember ?

Mixer churning, phone  ringing

Have you touched your coffee yet

you are wearing something nice

What do I remember?

Click and Walk

big cats and bigger cats

Wildlife and wilder dreams

Masai’s are waiting

rabid, rabbit or rapid

Are you Jimmy Choo

what do I remember?

morning flights and morning blues

work hard and harder

Love energy

relax? yoga? meditate?

what do I remember ?

Coffee was nice

conversations flowed

like mountain wind


I can’t get tired

what do I remember ?

magic moments. magical you

your smiled

and a face lit up

it was my face

what do you remember ?


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