Lonely Heart Noodles

Whether you are lonely or alone, accidental or forced, in sorrow or lost- sooner or later you realize that you have to eat, and not just eat but eat good food. And believe when I say this ( cause I have a hell lot more experience then my average blog reader), sometimes being lonely/alone can be a blessing.  You can do your thinking and reading and watch movies that you wanted to watch alone 😉 And you can make and eat what you want and with no one to give you a hard time about- why do you put so many chillies’.

So here is a super secret recipe from a super  ( sometimes ) chef at large- The Lonely Heart Noodles. Super easy and super cool for dudes like us.

So here we go, get all the veggies you fancy 🙂  I fancy anything that is “Phoren” even when it comes to vegetables so I had my collection of bok-choy, Dried Shitake Mushroom, broccoli  colorful peppers, baby corn et al. My point is very simple- no matter how lonely you are – your noodles should have the good company of some very good quality vegetables.

Second, cut them in any way you like- and then switch the gas, put a wok, put some oil and stir-fry them. Add a bit of soy sauce- I use Kikoman light soy Sauce and some vegetable oyster sauce ( yes it exists and it comes from mushrooms). When you think the veggies are getting ready mash a couple of Knorr Veggie  stalk cubes and chuck them in into the vegetables. Add salt and chillies to taste. If you don’t muck it up, your stir fry should be ready in about 10 minutes. I like my vegetables crunchy so should you.

Don’t forget to to take a deep sip of the beer and switch on the TV. It helps if you don’t put something too interesting because we want all your interest in the meal that you are cooking.

On the second burner boil the noodles. Now you know why we need your attention- lets prove to all the women out there that YES we can multi task.  Just one rule- don’t over boil them. Over boiled noodles tastes like….. you know what.

Now the final master chef step. Chuck the noodles after you have rinsed the water from them into the stir-fry. Shake it a bit so that it looks like noodles are all over vegetables and vegetables are all over Noodes. Don’t get any ideas….I know what you are thinking- STOP finish that beer and grab another one.

Its time now to eat this masterpiece that you have created. Now is the time to put something interesting on TV, take a large pillow, open the beer and enjoy your meal.

Remember :Blessed are those who are alone/lonely and can cook a meal 🙂 

Cautionary Advice: All  lonely heart dishes taste better with beer- one before, one during cooking, one with the meal and one after the meal . Please make it pint size if you plan to actually eat your meal and not sleep ON it.


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