5 things that I learned from running

Here is a list of 5 things that I learned from running.

5) When you think you cannot run any further you can. Pain, no water, body really low on electrolytes, heat and sweat- but surprisingly you can go on. And when you run in a condition like that you come to a point of  ” nothingness”. Suddenly all the activity in your mind stops- you are in the moment and the moment is to put one foot ahead of another and keep running. I would say this is true for life too. We have to just keep on moving.

4) Every runner was a walker- there are some exceptions to this like our Mr Ojha and Mr Kapoor who were born runners but most of us were walking before we started running.  But serious shit happens when you start running-  weight loss, stamina and feel good  and all those endorphins getting released in your body. So if you are regular walker- Upgrade.

3) Getting out of the bed is the most difficult step- The other day I misplaced by blackberry and I was happy that  I can sleep with no other alarm to wake me up for the run. That’s where friends become foes as Shruti Saxena promptly gave me a spare alarm clock. Yeah, once you are out of your sweet sleep-there is no point wasting time. Get your vibrams on and get running. Remember, the run for many miles starts with the alarm clock.

2) Get fit to run: For me till about 2 months back it was the other way around. We run to get fit.. isn’t it. But then I got injured and its only now that I found out that the injury was because I was not fit enough to do the distances I was doing. For a while you can get fit, lose weight  by running but once you start doing serious distances ( more than 7k 3 times a week)  you need to get fitter in order to run better and run injury free. The trick is to  cross-train, squat, cycle, what ever.. And Never I repeat Never forget stretching after runs. A injury is like the snake pit in the snake and ladders game- you pretty much have to start from scratch.

1) Run- Friends-Run : Ever wonder why we have such great childhood friends- because we played together, did stuff together. Running has helped me connect to some great people who are friends for life. So friends is the other thing that you will gain other than a well toned body with running.

So this is my list of things, do share what is yours.


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