I love therefore I’m

Think of love and suddenly warm feeling rushes through your body; love for someone special, love for friends, Love of God, Love for Parents and siblings, Love for things that we have and the things we have lost, Love of Nature.

Love is ever present and easy flowing. It is easy because it is natural I guess.Try its opposite- Hate. Suddenly you have to make an effort, your whole body revolts. It is a lot of work to hate someone or something and carry all those hate carrying “free radicals” in your body waiting to be fixed.

So on Eid today, let’s re-connect with Love and pray that all hate disappears from this world forever.  I stumbled on this Taditional Bayram wishes from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, stating “Let us love, Let us be loved”, in the form of mahya lights stretched across the minarets of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

What can be a more apt message for this beautiful festival. Happy Eid !


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