Yes, it is a break up

I never thought I will have the courage to say this. Yes it is over and its over for good. I loved you and you loved me back. And we had our magic moments. But all good things come to an end.

Love is like water- to be fresh it needs to be flowing. Our love stagnated for long- Off course when two of us were together people would always look at us and burn from jealousy. It did my ego good…. but was it love ?

In the last few months I never got the kick out of you- in fact you always backfired. And you drink too much. And I’m not sure if I can afford to take care of your needs.

See you are  charming. You can have many suitors. I have only one- ME. When you age you will become  gold and when I age I  will become old. I have to preserve myself and get back to what I was. And the only way to do is to burn myself in the hope that I become iron if not gold like you.

With a heavy heart I must tell you this. Oh My olive green darling- I will be leaving you soon for a “cycle”. Yes for a cycle. Even I can’t believe this.  You definitely deserve someone better since I have become a Pedal-er.

Last weekend I cheated on you and before someone else show you this video I must tell you.

It must have been love but its over now ( thank you Roxette for these lines). I have a new love in my life. Yes I was in love but now I have a new love in my life. I still love you but I love her more. We have a  honest relationship- I get what I put in.

Here I’m the fuel.


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