Oprah and the Chinese

We are under attack, some black women with a name like o phrah ( O brother in Punjabi)  “win free” ( what can I win free)  is acting like a blonde. Our eating habits and our hands are ours– and we have 4000 year old civilisation to prove that our way is the “bestest” way. Let’s head to Facebook, Twitter and Blogs  to show her that we are smarter, intelligent and wittier than her.

So move on Oprah Winfrey- you mad women- how can we eat Rajmah Chawal with Knife and Fork. Try to karo fir bolna.

On the eastern front things are more worrying. We are obsessed with China and Chinese people are not obsessed with Indians. And when they do talk about us they talk about our filth and what not. How dare they call India filthy and also post pictures of the filth on the internet. We don’t have to learn anything from the Chinese and for that matter anyone. If you show us dirt in our backyard we will show you dirt in your backyard- but we will do nothing about it.

Or may be not. Let’s protest, we will not eat chinese food for a week. Aur even better this Diwali let’s use lights made in Taiwan 🙂

Some 15  years back ” Mera Bharat Mahan” was a very popular slogan but  some truck wala aptly changed it to “100 mein se 99 beiman, Fir bhee mera Bharat Mahan”.

Mera Bharat Mahan hai ya nahin ( I don’t know if India is great or not)  but I will break your leg if you say anything against it. We are bit touchy when it comes to motherland.  And we are very patriotic even though we spend most of our time in looting and polluting our motherland.

But aap kuch nahin bol sakte ( But you can’t say a word against it). Hum thode touchy types hain.


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