My bright young fellows

A journey starts- A journey ends-and another one starts 🙂

Two  years back I started a journey with 16 odd young people from diverse backgrounds and places. They  were part of an amazing program called ICICI Fellows which my organisation iVolunteer was implementing.

Like any journey- I had lots of excitements and a few apprehensions. How will these twenty something survive 2 years in Rural India ? And what will they do ? But like any journey once it starts the excitement remains and apprehensions fade away.As the Fellows eased into their placements they  turned into ” Our bright young fellows”.

Rupal had a plan and absolute clarity. Dhivya had become a resident of the village.Ram was living in an extreme hostile environment and diligently working on his project. Nitesh had pulled off a great show at Dilwara. Akshay was full of enthusiasm with his Soya Milk project. Pooja was excited about her health project at Ranchi and Vasundhara was excited about everything. Anup was doing doing what he does best- Design. Shelly was also doing what he does best- be cool and create cool learning environments . Saurabh’s brain was on overdrive- Mosquito Nets to Solar.Guru was itching to open battle fronts- start something grand. Anupama was  discovering herself- and Reeny discovered what she doesn’t want to do. Dhrimeet had all the answers in Micro finance . Sania and Rahul Anand found what they love. Nikita got wedded to the NGO and Neeraj got wedded to the GOI.

I hope  in the end everyone found and experienced love.

And I found you guys. I love you all. You are my bright young Fellows. And its been a privilege to know you and be a part of this journey. While this journey has just ended your individual journeys have just started. I wish you best of luck in what ever chapter that you are now going write in your life.  Each one of you is amazing and has the capacity to go for the stars- So go for them.

I hope our paths will cross again. And here is a wish for all of you.

एक आशीर्वाद- – दुष्यन्त कुमार

जा तेरे स्वप्न बड़े हों।
भावना की गोद से उतर कर
जल्द पृथ्वी पर चलना सीखें।
चाँद तारों सी अप्राप्य ऊचाँइयों के लिये
रूठना मचलना सीखें।
हर दीये की रोशनी देखकर ललचायें
उँगली जलायें।
अपने पाँव पर खड़े हों।
जा तेरे स्वप्न बड़े हों।


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