iSpark- The perfect volunteering Recipe-Version 3.0

First the good news. We have a revolutionary name for our revolutionary volunteering program- iSpark.The focus is on “I” and the idea is that this experience will spark something in the participants. It will not leave anyone un-changed.

The structure of the program remains the same as discussed in previous posts. Before the start of the program we are exploring conducting a  mini “THNK” style leadership training for the participants. We are now pretty clear in our heads that the participants will be exploring social development issues.Currently we are shying away from giving any more direction than this. However exploring  Millennium Development Goals would be a good idea to get some direction for potential participants.

Just to reiterate the structure of the program.

1) Individuals will apply to iSpark to go on  4-6 months long journeys to find answer to a social problem- something that has been bothering them.Through a interactive process of talking to iSpark they will come out with a concrete idea or project that they want to pursue.

2) Once a decision has been taken to go ahead the iSpark team will do a sign-off  process with the applicant. Project location, host organizations, coach/mentor etc will be decided through this process. Our assumption is that it will take about 2 months from application stage to sign off.

3) Once in field the iSparkers will be working on their project/idea and periodically sharing the learning once every week through a blog or a photo journal or by using any other means ( video, painting etc).

4) At the end of the project the iSparkers will come together to share learnings. We will try and invite diverse range of people to hear their stories and build partnerships for future.

iSparkers will be responsible for their own learnings. Our role will be to facilitate the process through getting them contacts with organisations and individuals.

At the core of the iSpark program is the belief that people have different learning styles and people learn the most when they are left to their own devices with very few things to tie them down. Our role will be to facilitate and not guide or design the journeys for them.

To read more about how the idea came into being please look into the following posts.

1) The first post :

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Let us know what you think.


One thought on “iSpark- The perfect volunteering Recipe-Version 3.0

  1. I think this fits in beautifully with the notion of building life around experiences. With this philosophy in mind we at are trying to create experiential opportunities fro people to live with local communities including, inter-alia, mutual learning. I think iSPARK and the other home could do something creative together.

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