Sustainability and Schipol- Observations

Its  easy to get lost at big airports like Schipol even when you are doing a sustainability challenge with them. Here is how.

This is my first time in Amsterdam- Today I had to go and take my onward flight to the UK. I get off the Schipol Train station- and head into the terminal building. All well so far.

Takes the elevator to terminal- ask a lady dressed in sky blue ( from KLM) where are the counters for easy jet. She points me to a check in machine- I check again, I’m flying Easy Jet and not KLM, I still need to use your machine. She points the machine  again and says rather rudely- yes that one.

Now i’m in front of the machine and struggling to get a boarding pass. Walk up-to another lady wearing blue and she points to me that this is only for KLM flights. I ask her about easy jet, she says she doesn’t know. Lucky for me that someone hears my conversations and tells me that I have to go a different terminal to board Easyjet. How uneasy is that ?

and I’m like…. I would have liked this information at the point quite early. Any ways… I find my way to Terminal 3 and finally to Easy jet kiosk where a million people are already in the queue. Only a select few with Speedy boarding tickets are marching ahead. Easyjet’s clever business model- but that’s another story from a previous blog.

About 6-7 counters are open and takes a while to get my boarding pass and get a stub. Almost the whole of terminal 3 was empty and here we were waiting in a really long line to get our boarding passes.

Makes me think. As long as we will keep on thinking on the old ways in which how ticketing, baggage, check-in are organised we will keep irritating the passengers ( and some hapless staff). A really creative approach to the whole thing is needed. That’s where I guess the  new course of creative leadership THNK-The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership will play a big role.

Which brings me to the important insight that I had as I was walking lost at the Airport. Airports are really designed for Airlines and Airlines only. The whole system is designed to make sure we buy tickets, stand in a queue , go through security, wait again and then get on a plane only to go through the same process again. A bit of INNOVATION is needed here. And there is this whole infrastructure with  all its Carbon Foot prints just waiting there.

I THNK therefore I Am. But irrespective I do get lost at Airports:)


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