THNK- Boot camp, passion and Purpose

I’m presently going through an amazing course on Creative leadership at THNK-The Amsterdam School of creative Leadership. Amazing co-participant, amazing faculty and a very creative course design.

What course has to offer is unfolding slowly- tonight we had an amazing session with Erica Fox on Passion and Purpose. It was some really heavy stuff from values, to inner self, to the role spirituality plays in leadership. At one point one of the participants asked this really super heavy question- is spirituality the last resort of us when we are going through a difficult time in life”.

I found it hard to connect leadership and spirituality( at-least now) – I used to feel like leadership is more about how I connect to the outer world and spirituality is something sacred- a connection to your inner self where things like success, pain, suffering etc does’t matter.

At the end of the session I came home with this thought that as leaders or just good human beings we need to be connected with our inner core and have more congruence between what we are and what we do or say. In most cases we may not find success as the world defines it but in all probability we will lead much more happier and fulfilling lives.

The session really forced me think- so what is my passion and purpose ? Have I found it yet? Will I ever find it? Is it really important to find it? To be honest part of me also scared of finding out my true calling. Life will become very miserable if I found my calling and did nothing about it.

But when life asks me these difficult questions- I find refuge in Osho

In one of his lectures Osho says- life becomes miserable because we are trying to find meaning in everything that we do see and feel. I often wonder if life would life be simpler if I can just accept things as they are and go with the flow and accept that may be in the end their is no bigger purpose in life no grand scheme. Life is what it is NOW and future is all my ego getting the better of me.

I’m hoping that at the end of this course I will be able to resolve this. I’m thankful and grateful that I’m here at this amazing place and I’m thankful that I’m getting this time to think, reflect and THNK more.




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