uneasy Jet

There is always first time and then there is second time. But for me easy jet and luton is going to be the first and the last time. At-least that’s what I wish.

Easy Jet for according to me…I think its a smart con job.

Here is what I went through while flying recently with them from London Luton to Amsterdam Schipol.

I’m a sucker for cheap things thats why I landed up on easy jet’s site with the promise of cheap tickets to Amsterdam. The fares are actually quite nice. NO. It is only when you add up the extra money they charge you realise its a smart con job.

  • So about 18 pounds to carry check in luggage
  • Extra money for fast boarding.
  • Last minute incentive to put hand luggage into belly of the plane.
  • Flight change is 4 pounds but change fee is 35 pounds.
And the worst part is that the Airport that they fly from London is  really middle of now where. So take a look. To get to Luton from East London I had to take Central Line to Bank then move to Northern Line to St Pancras and then a overground train to Luton Airport parkway and then a Airport Shuttle to the airport.
Total time taken: 2 hours
Total money spent: 20 pounds
On the way back because of my timing I might end up spending money on Taxi. And I’m talking of spending 60-80 pounds.
So return fare to Amsterdam for 90 Pounds in reality close to 120 pounds. So next time EasyJet is seducing you with low fares do the math. In my humble opinion take KLM or BA from London City Airport. Or even better take the Eurostar.

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