Love the Bomb

In India there is a lull after the storm- After a week of Media frenzy about who plotted the bomb attack on the Israeli Embassy car we are back to our election tamaasha. Beni Prasad Verma has dared the EC after Salman Khurshid affair. and EC has dared who…..your guess, my guess and google. No one.

There are arguments and counter arguments as to who actually bombed the car. If you want any intelligent discussion forget the television.The most useless discussions are happening there.Our media person says yes to anyone and any argument that is thrown to them. Are you getting adverts from both Iran and Israeli ? Ask a intelligent questions please.

To understand who could have bombed the car we don’t even need to understand geopolitics. Its always very easy when we are not listening to politicians and newspersons and use our common sense instead.

First a few facts:

1) Iran or erstwhile Persia invented the game of what we call today Chess.They can be anything but they are not fools and probably much more intelligent then their adversaries.

2) American’s have lied on record all the time- For instance First they said Iraq has nuclear weapons and then they invaded on that pretext and then nothing was found.

3) Israel has Mossad and Mossad has been responsible for countless extra judicial killings all over the world- Like they say one man’s terrorist is another man’s secret service. They have made a movies to glorify the same- Munich anyone . Joke apart, u know what I mean.

4) Iran is being pushed to a corner- all they want is to dig a deep hole sit their quietly and make a nuclear weapon or something similar.

5) No one has ever attacked a country that has Nuclear Weapon- Our dear North Korea is a prime example. Even India has not dared to do anything to Pakistan after our attack on parliament. And you know why.

So now imagine your-self in the shoes of Iran. The enemy is at the gates. I’m mean not as a figure of speech but in reality.They need the bomb-they may not use it but they desperately need it to get immunity from any western or israeli attack.

Israel is itching to bomb them. They have to be really foolish to attack a car of Israeli Embassy and give them a reason to bomb. And even more foolish is to do this in India- a country that is helping them get money for their oil in a scenario when no one is buying from them. They need more friends and not enemies.

Like I said- Iranians are not foolish. They would rather sit tight and make the bomb.

So here is my million dollar hypothesis on who could have bombed the car of Israeli diplomat in India. I sincerely hope CIA, Mossad and all the agencies of the world are spooking on this.

I doubt that Iran was responsible for the attack. I suspect Americans or Israelis would have done it themselves or outsourced it to someone else. The argument is that they are the one’s who can potentially benefit from this attack. They can now use the attack as a leverage and pressurise India to stop buying oil from Iran and go along the american line in UN and other places.

If Iran was indeed responsible then my dear- they have the bomb. After all those who invented chess will not checkmate unless they are sure.

So love the bomb- live in peace now.

P.s: Americans-Cycle more, drive less, reduce dependence on oil and the rest of the world can live in peace ( including you)


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