All things equal

Here I am. Its almost midnight here in Dehradoon. I’m visiting my mom here and away from Delhi and suddenly I have lots of time at hand. I have already finished reading the latest issue of economist, watched an incredible  Brad Pitt movie ” Money Ball”  and soaked my feet in hot water.

What next?

I’m going to write a poem and I’m going to let it flow.  I don’t care if it rhymes or not. I just feel like writing.

This is a new night.

I can imagine a few stars

up in the sky that I love the most

Memories come and  go.

Is  glass half full empty

emptiness away of life

things  steal it away

why fill the cup

let it be

all things equal

in the great scheme

does it matter

I know its quit bad, but let it me. Its a first attempt. so let it be


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