Agneewhat, Agneewhat, Agneewhat

After the spectacular success of the remake of Agneepath Karan Johar is incredibly busy. He has been asked to do a remake of ” Saath Khoon Maaf” and ( as Ra one and half).

Agneepath. feat .KJ is a modern classic- a movie written in blood and sweat and muscles of Hrithik Roshan ( A.K.A Vijay D Chauhan). It’s a how a Hindi masala movie should be made. Udupi style- too much of everything and tastes like you know what.

Had it not been the great reviews of the movie I would have missed this classic.So I risked missing my  train to be part of history. And it was worth everything. In the movie theater I was just overwhelmed  by everything happening around me. All girls just could not take their eyes off Hrithik. Such powerful performance by Kancha that all the mothers were crying for revenge and all the sisters wanted a brother like Hrithik. And  guys were so mesmerized by Chikni Chameli that no one even whistled once . I honestly felt sorry for Priyanka Chopra because she could not finish her meal- Hrithik took everything in his plate and started crying. Poor girl. In her earlier movies she is doing dancing, eating, crying,  killing etc and now Hrithik has taken even that from her. Chalo SRK to hai na.

The only sore point was  that the couple in front of us  didn’t  like their popcorn and left ( a full box which I was not allowed to pick up). Such losers they were I tell you.

Agneepath has inspired me to write a few lines for our beloved Karan Johar Jee. Sorry Harivansh Rai Bachhan Jee, like KJ I’m doing an adaptation of your original lines which can be found here

Banner  ho bade bhale,
Actor ho  bade Bade,
Ek achee movie  bhi bana mat, bana mat, bana mat,
Agniwhat, Agniwhat Agniwhat;

KJ na  thamega kabhi, Kancha Na  mudega kabhi ,Vijay na rukega kabhi,
Kar Push Up, Kar Push Up, Kar Push Up,
Agniwhat, Agniwhat Agniwhat;

Ye Public Ameer  hain,
Moorkhon ke bheed  hain,
paise, time, inke le le  fatafat, fatafat fatafat.
Agniwhat, Agniwhat Agniwhat;

My  star rating for this movie is  as follows

  • One Big star for Hrithik
  • One cute star for Karan Johar
  • One star to be divided between Priyanka, Sister and Mother
  • Mandawa for Kanchaa
  • ebay online account for Rauf lala- he can sell what ever he is selling there.
  • Free item number lessons for Chameli from Ranbir Kapoor.

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