Epilogue-What I sing when I talk about running

Hurray, I have completed the Standard Chartered Mumbai Full Marathon (SCMM)  successfully 🙂 and like I said in my previous post, this one is dedicated to Murakami whose book  hugely inspired me.

Ok, this was probably the most grueling run that I have ever done. The culprits- my  new vibram 5 fingers and  very little training. And guess what- both worked for the run. The vibram’s were just the right size to prevent the injury due to swelling of feet ( the one I used to run in is a size smaller). Thanks Payal and Mayur for carrying them from the US just in time for the race. And little practice helped me to  hit the race with all the rest that I needed.

At the beginning of the race I had only objective- to complete the race without injury. So I’m quite pleased with my 5 hrs 52 minutes timing which puts me in the top 1000 people who completed the race. And no injury at all. I couldn’t have asked for more. Or may be not. God- next time can you be a bit more generous and improve my timing too. Sub 4.30 would be just fine 🙂

All of us ( Param, Amit Ojha, Shruti, Shiv, Arjun, Harish, Sanjay, Siddarth, Barnali, Akila) did quite well and some of us also managed to score our personal best. But the real winner  in the  Mumbai Marathon  were ” Mumbaikars”. Countless of them  cheering, offering food, giving water and pushing us to give  our best made it a memorable run for all of us. Without them we would never  ever bother to travel 1500 kms from Delhi to run in one of India’s toughest Marathon.

In the last 3-4 years, our lives have been woven around running- we are either training for a marathon or travelling to one. And off-course having all the fun in between. But what makes us tick?  What is that “running”  gives us so as to make us give our best to it ( and in some cases all of our spare time and lots of money) ?

I guess as much as I’m defining running in my life, running is also defining me in all sorts of  ways. Today I’m a very different to the person who started running by using this book about 4 years back. Not only I’m fitter than I was in 2008 but also very much clear in my head about what I want from life . It just seems like yesterday that the world was closing on me and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. But as I slipped on my running shoes I left all these things behind. Every day had a purpose- to run 5km without stopping. And something changed on the way. I was able to shut down the world every time I would slip on my running shoes and hit the road. And few kms down the road  life seemed to be more like Half full and not Half empty.

Like with most of us running initially for me was about being physically fit. But what started as a good sport has today become  an “anchor” in an otherwise very chaotic, busy life ( and at times lonely too) . NowI’m no longer scared of being lonely in life but I dread to think of the day when I will not be able to  run. I think secretly all runners pray to God “To take our lives before you take away running from our lives”.

I must add here that running is not all this super heavy stuff- we have our lighter moments too. It is like college life all over again with its share of jokes over a cup of tea or BBM, eating and drinking and generally having fun.

Take the fun out  and running would sound like medicine. Put the fun back and there you go…. suddenly you are many many years younger, wise and humming

“Aaj Jaane Ke Zid na Karo, Yuheen Pahloo main Baithe Raho”

Alas this is something that only my running friends will be able to appreciate 🙂


2 thoughts on “Epilogue-What I sing when I talk about running

  1. HI Rahul,
    So inspiring to hear that you completed the marathon. was this your first? How long have you been at it?
    I start and stop and start and stop(mainly because I find no community around me to practise it! )
    I live in surajkund in faridabad and its a beautiful place to run…but alas not very safe for women.
    But really having a real life and blood eg of someone who did it is super inspiring!
    Keep at it and post more abot how to find the motivation to go for the run for those of us who are hanging in between..
    I read Murakamis book and that kept me on for a season of running.
    Tell me this 5 kms everyday..is it always real running or on th etreadmill as well?

  2. Pearl, it will take you 6 months of consistent running ( 3-4 times a week) to get addicted. Tread mills can be little boring so best to run in the open. I can understand about running alone in Surajkund. I would normally run 7-9 kms 2-3 times a week and a long run of may be 12-15Kms one of the days.

    I run with my running buddies in Jahapanah Forest which is not very far away from Surajkund if you have a ride. Do join us may be once a week and we will get you hooked to running.

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