Run “Mumbai” Run

The start is near. On 15th of this month the whole of Mumbai will be United in the “colors of running”. Our running gang from Delhi is also getting ready to cheer and run with Mumbai in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

Mumbai Marathon has a special place in everyone’s heart for many reasons. First its bloody tough. The flyovers, the  incline of Peddar Road and the heat/humidity can take the juice out of any runner. But second and most important is the love and warmth of  Mumbaikar’s.They offer us biscuits, water, nariyalpani, oranges, poha and many more things. And we love it :). One of my friends has also decided to offer chilled beer to distract the runners… but then that’s an offer no serious runner can refuse isn’t it.

This is my second attempt at Mumbai Full Marathon. The last time  I was so badly injured that I was  off running for almost a year.  This year I’m in my worst form. Since I got injured during my first attempt at Mumbai Marathon I have never ran more than 22 kms. I been off and on running the whole running season. But what the heck. My whole gang is going for the run so I’m going to run with them. The only thing that can probably work for me is  that “I’m so well rested” . C’mon don’t laugh. Only a true runner can understand how profound this  statement is.

There have been offers to ” pace” with a seasoned runners but I don’t think I will be going for it. No 5.30 hrs running bus for me.  I think that would just psyche me out.  I want to run free plus “Hum Apna Shekaar Khud Karte hain “. The only person I will be pacing with would be my running budding Shruti. She has many full marathons and ultra marathon ( 50km where she came in the top 3)  under her belt. She is also carrying these wonderful little cubes of joy and energy called ” gu-chumps”. So can’t leave her 🙂

So what is our strategy- to run easy, eat lots of stuff, be hydrated, chat and constantly think of the cold beer waiting for us at the end.

I will post my experience after the run what ever be the result. I don’t have high hopes. And I have made a promise to myself that if I get the slightest of pain I will quit. I love running too much to risk it for my ego.

But in the the unlikely case of me completing the marathon I would love to dedicate this run to Haruki Murakami whose book what “I talk when I talk about running” has inspired me to run into the unknown ( which is more than 21 Kms).

Haruki has this advise for himself- Just be focussed on the next 3 yards.

Let’s see if it works.




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