Run Murakami Run: 2012

Happy Haruki Murakami-

This is how 2012 has greeted me as I lazily read my first Murakami” What I talk when I talk about running”.

I like his style- simple and elegant. And above all his honesty. So this one book that I’m going to recommend to each of my runner friends and even to those who plan to start running in the near future.

There were many “ my moments” in the book. I was particularly touched when Murakami writes about the two star runners of S&B running team, Taniguchi and Kanei who die in car accident. Murakami writes, “ When people pass away, do their thoughts, hopes, dreams just vanish? I thought about it for a while and I still cannot find an answer. If I think about myself, my hopes and dreams are mine and they will vanish with me. But a part of it will remain in the hearts and mind of people who love me. Or may be not. Or may be believe not be too attached to the hopes and dreams.

The other bit that I liked was about embracing getting older. I’m now in my later thirties and I facing the “ getting old” blues. May be I need to look at it as an accomplishment- I have managed to stay alive this long. Not very long ago the average age in India was about 40 years. So cheer up buddy you have actually done very well so far.

On the first day of 2012 I’m in Shimla. This is a blessing in itself. For some reason I can never ever move on from the city where I was born and brought up. Of all the places I have lived  Shimla is the only place where I have only happy memories. I think that is part because childhood is such a miracle in our lives and part because Shimla is a nice city.

The Shimla sky is overcast now and that’s why I have come back to my room and pinning my thoughts.  It’s another year and another year with lots and lots of expectations.  For this year I have no resolution except that I will not miss my runs.  I love running but there are these mornings when I’m just too tired or lazy to get out of my bed. Winters in Delhi are most difficult.  The bed is just too delicious and the outside too foggy and cold.

So happy 2012.  Let’s hope that this year turns out to be even more spectacular 2011. Even 2011 was new once but its 2012 all the way.

And I secretly hope that Mayans are wrong about 2012. I still have to run a half marathon under 2 hours and read many Murakami books.


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