Why I need a stronger Lokpal

I need a stronger lokpal because I want my India back. I want my India which I was made to believe while growing up that it is ” Sone ke Chidiya” and it is also ” Saare Jahan se Accha”. I want that India where I was without hesitation able to right the essay on  “My Favorite leader”  be in Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri or Gandhi ( I wonder who kids chose now).  I want the India ” Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”. And today it is not.

You made me believe that India was such a great country, world’s greatest indeed. And then you tell me that its not true. We are the poorest, most corrupt and most un-democratic country in the world.  We were just taking you for a great ride. First and foremost this is  not your country- it is ours. And we have the right on this ” Sone ke Chidiya”

Today on TV Meira Kumar was saying that Parliament is Supreme as per the constitution- then why does the constitution starts with  ” We the People”. And if that is the case then change it to ” We the MPs and MLAs”.

The Lokpal bill debate has now  come to the final two points- Independence of CBI and Appointment of Lokpal. They know the answer and they are scared. So that is why they will not stop at anything. We will also not stop at anything.

In the end the fight is not between Congress Vs BJP or Politicians between Team Anna. It is between us and our elected representatives. Lokpal may not solve anything at all. But it will be a beginning for us to take what is rightfully ours. This is our country and we will take it back.


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