Tu ne “SP” ko thappad Kyuin maara ?

Every one knows the answer to this. Given half a chance, at-least 300-400 million people in India would love to do the same. But for the sake of being politically correct we will deplore the act even though secretly everyone wants to ask the same questions that Anna asked ” why only one thappad?

Ab Dekho- Indian mein the police can “Maaro thappad” to anyone at anytime. If you live in Delhi and you mildly brush against someone’s car- you can get a Thappad, a Baseball bat on your head or a bullet depending upon what is the flavor of the season. Actually if you get away only with a thappad then you are  quite lucky.

In India everyone knows that  SP is ” Chor and Corrupt” but very powerful . SP also knows that he is “Chor and Corrupt “but very powerful and that everyone knows this fact . What is bothering SP and likes of him is that how come Harvinder only remembered the Chor and corrupt part and forgot that he is very “powerful”. How come a common transporter ( and not a policemen who has a universal license to thappadao anyone)  can give one tight slap to all mighty SP.

Bhagwan kasam there are at-least three people I want to “thappadao” badly. These are people who have in the past made me feel helpless and driven to the wall. And they did this knowingly that I will not do anything against them. Atleast ” in logoin” ko ek thappad to banta hai. Mera to bahut man hai. I think yehi feelings harvinder ke bhee rahee hongee.

So SP, Kal, Kani and Raja…. we know that “hum log aapka kuch nahin bigaad saktee” bus kabhee kabhee hum mein se ek paagal ek halka thappad mar dega…Kha lo please… hanso and fir desh ko lootne ke kaam pe chal do.

And SP jee this thappad actually worked for you- even though you ” pardoned” the ” Thappad Man”. The incident gave you an opportunity to show to the country that you are a strong man from Maharashtra. Your goons ( I mean people who love you ) were busy enforcing bandh in Baramati and Pune. But sir your goons are also like you-  corrupt- sirf shutter down karwa rahee they and andar restaurant was still functioning. Arey aapko thappad pada hai.. thoda imandaaree se bandh karwate.

So jayada mat sochiye….Koi badee deal nahin hai… hum sabko to padta he hai,.. aaj aapko pad gaya… isliye  bura mat maano…holi hai.

For  a more saner discussion on the issue please read a very informative article here http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/randomaccess/entry/why-was-pawar-slapped 


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