Missed by 3 and shaved off 20

So yesterday was Delhi Half Marathon and I managed to complete it in 2 Hrs and 3 minutes. This is a full a  3 minutes more than my original target of  under 2 hours but still 20 minutes less then my previous timing of 2 hrs 23 minutes ( Mumbai Half 2011).


Since yesterday I’v been  replaying the whole run in my mind. I was so close to my target yet I missed it by a whisker. May be if I had ran the first 7 Km a little faster, I would have made it to sub 2 Hrs. This brings back the memories of childhood when I missed getting into an engineering college of my choice by just 1 mark.

The next Airtel Half Marathon is still 1 year away but I have set myself two important goals. First is to finish the Shimla Half Marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes. And second is to finish the  Airtel Half next year close to the timing of  two Amit’s who are undoubtedly one  of the best runners in our running group.

This half marathon a lot of things worked for me. First, I did most of my training at Jahapanah Forest which is a tougher route. Second, I was eating these little chunks of energy called “Gu Chumps” thanks to my running buddy Shruti Saxena. Gu ensured that I was not out of energy at any point of time during the run. And third, I was carrying my own water with ” ORS” in it for hydration. Amit Kapoor told me that its better to carry your own water even if its a little  awkward to run with it because we tend to lose time at water points.  And last not the least- this year’s route was just amazing with no flyovers at all and perfect weather.

The next timed run is Mumbai Full Marathon. Both me and Shruti have a simple plan- to finish the full respectably. In our parlance it means under 5 hours 30 minutes. I’m not a huge fan of Full Marathon’s but this is one thing that has been haunting me especially after a miserable performance in 2009. I want to get  this done and be over with it and then focus on running Half Marathon’s faster, stronger and in style 🙂


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