On the Run

Today I had a great run. Easy pace, great weather. Thoroughly enjoyed it  even though there is some slight pain in my left feet but that is more to do with the excessive cycling that I did last sunday . So I did two rounds of Jahapanah forest which is  13.53 km according to the Runtastic App . You can  check the Runtastic link for my run here .

I felt good when I saw my timing- I did 13.53 kms  in 1 hours 24 minutes .It was  much better then my previous timings at Jahapanah. It meant that on an average I was taking 42 minutes to do 1 round in Jahapanah.  But to do 21kms under 2 hours I need to do each of these rounds  in 40 minutes or less. I can maintain this timing in the first round but not in subsequent rounds. That is just too tough.

Now with only week to go for the main run I’m not sure if I will be able to achieve my original target of doing the Half Marathon under 2 hours but I would definitely try and  shave off 10 minutes from my last timing.

So from now till 26th November when the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is scheduled I have another 2 preparatory runs left. On Sunday ( 20th Nov) I will attempt three rounds of Jahapanah.Together they are equivalent to a Half Marathon. The sunday run is important as it will  boost my confidence for the main run.Then one  maintenance run of about 6-7 kms on the 23rd November and then the Marathon day on the 26th November.

Let’s see how it goes. Fingers crossed


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