Breakfast by Cycle

Going to Old Delhi 7.30 AM in the morning was the last thing on my mind as I took my cycle out and started cycling towards ring road in Delhi en- route to India Gate. What I normally  do- is either head towards India Gate or go to Suraj Kund. Both provides good stretches to cycle and some good exercise as well. Today I  decided to head towards India Gate. From C.R Park  as long as you follow the BRT you get a good cycle track all the way to  SCOPE complex. As I was close to the Oberoi Hotel  where a left turn  will commit me to go to India Gate, I decided to chuck the whole plan and head instead to Old Delhi.

Okay  I was feeling hungry after 10 kms of cycling. And for the last 2-3 days I been doing some research on creating food walks in Delhi ( as part of my tourism venture breakaway Creating a Breakfast  trail in Old delhi was definitely on the agenda. So both mind and stomach agreed and old Delhi it was. So headed towards ITO, Delhi Gate and then as I crossed the Delhi Gate traffic light I decided to take a left and then right to go into the lanes and by lanes of Dariyagunj and very soon I was in front of Jama Maszid.  I again went  into one of the  by-lanes near Jama Maszid and soon  found myself in front of this shop in Churiwalan from where the smell of Poori’s was coming 🙂 .

First of all the  sight was absolutely amazing- Fresh poori’ s coming off the wok after being deep fried and the whole plate full of Halva next to it. Beautiful and Yummy ! says Tummy.  Brings back the memories of childhood when after every pooja, poori and halva was given as prasad. This shop was your small halwai’s kind of shop where you order and then stand in front , keep your food on the narrow ” Phatta” and eat. The real indian way of enjoying street food.

The poori’s were amazing-less oil and the guy had used more atta and less maida so it had a nice texture to it. Also the poori’s were piping hot so it helped. I also got a nice serving of Aloo Subzee with it. Five Poori’s and subzee for 15 rupees- Not bad

I had the 5th Poori with the halva which was really nice- less sweet, not too much oil just the right consistency. 5 rupees for Halva. 20 Rupees and a good breakfast- We will count calories later.

After a “Paetful” of this breakfast I headed towards Karim. I was early there so I was told that the place will open only at 9 AM. Since I had nothing to do and I wanted to whip up some apetite I decided to cycle towards Chandni Chowk and see what’s cooking there and come back to Karim’s later.

Just one word on the food trail- I been doing a bit of research- everyone goes to the same Karim’s, Jaleebi Walai, Kachuri Wala, the over-rated Paranthe Wali Gali etc etc. I feel that a good food trail should also have some spontaneity thrown into it else its too plastic. This is what I’m going to try and create on our food trails.

Back to Chandni Chowk- First of all it’s very difficult the recognize Chandni Chowk in the morning- No mad scramble of all kinds of vehicles on the road, no large crowds and the street hawkers trying to sell you everything from “Nicke” shoes to “Royben” Googles. The roads look so wide and at certain places you can marvel the architecture of the buildings and try and build a picture of the grandeur Chandni Chowk was during the Mughal Period. Went straight to Nai Sarak from there, again same sweet smell of Puree and halva every where.Cycled to the end of the street and from there took a left turn and was back surprised to find that I was again at Jama Maszid.

Took a couple of random pictures and then headed back to Karim’s Karim’s by then was full, I managed to get a seat after some initial struggle and in this confusion I completely forgot that I wanted to try the famous ” Paya” and ordered ” Nihari” instead.  Nihari was bursting with oil but it was lip smacking delicious. Polished the whole plate with  2 Roti’s. I was happy. Now was the time when I didn’t wanted to look at the cycle and wanted to be magically transported to my flat where I can have a nice morning siesta. The mind said- you have just consumed a million calories, better starting working them out.

So, me back to cycle and now headed towards India Gate cutting through the chaos of the sunday market in Dariyagunj. Followed the ITO, Tilak Marg route to India Gate. At India gate there was this visual treat waiting for me- a kite festival in progress and  so it was so much  fun to see some kites and lots of kite replica’s on the lawns of India Gate.  Nice initiative Delhi Tourism.

From India Gate I cycled to  President’s house- Since Mrs Patil was not there I was not able to have a  cup of tea with her-Disappointed I headed towards  Shanti Path, Ring road and back to C.R Park.

The new app ( Runtastic) that I had downloaded on my Blackberry told me that I had cycled for 45.5 Kms. I was absolutely thrilled. This is one my longest rides in Delhi and I hardly felt it. I was tired but had a great ride.

If it is Delhi then breakfast in Delhi-6 is a must. If you are cycle enthusiast then believe me there is no better way to enjoy the cycle ride and the food on a cycle. If you don’t have one but still want to do this  then do contact our friends Jack and Noreen at .


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