Airtel Half preparation on track

Preparation for the Airtel Half marathon are on track. Last week I was able to do my 10k and 20 K runs. I was a little disappointed with my 20 k timings- I did it in 2 hours 15 minutes. The only consolation was that it was in Jahapanah Forest which is a slightly more difficult track then the regular one.

On sunday that is 13th Nov I tried to add some variety to my preparation and did about 45.5 kms of cycling. I have a Trek 4300 and this amazingly new app called Runtastic to help me do this. This was also the longest I have cycled without a break.

So here is how next week is planned- 1 short run probably tomorrow of 7. And then another 20 K round of Jahapanah on wednesday. Hopefully this should boost my confidence  for the 26th November race.

The race week I’m only going to do at best 2 maintenance runs and try to chill. I want to enter the race well rested.

Got a new watch to time my laps better for the race and getting some nice music for my iPod .


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