“Lonely Hearts” Pasta – Male Version

So if you are lonely and don’t want to order a take out or spend lots of money eating alone in a nice place then this ” Lonely Heart” pasta recipe is for you.  First of all the ingredients that goes in this special pasta for a special person- that is you.

  1. Few Tomatoes
  2. Handful of pasta of your favorite kind
  3. Couple of bottle of beers
  4. Peanuts
  5. Some dried herbs if you can’t get fresh ones
  6. Some Olive oil
  7. Parmesan Cheese if you are very particular
  8. Some nice Tomatoes
  9. Garlic
  10. TV and TV Remote
This will work best if you have a kitchen an some kind of burner to cook on else you might want to just grab that take-away menu and order right away.
So first go and grab that beer bottle. Have a nice gulp and remember you are not alone. You have yourself to give company to and enjoy this amazing pasta that you are about to cook. Get some peanuts as well so that you don’t get high too fast. We want you in all your senses.You need all your senses to cook. Switch on the TV and put some music channel so that you don’t feel like you are alone in house. Don’t put movies or sports channels because they have this tendency of reducing food into charcoal.
Now go and wash the tomatoes first- YES wash them and not just rinse them with water- I know the temptation. Once the tomatoes are properly washed cut them in any shape or size depending upon your ability and liking . Here size doesn’t matter here 🙂 .
Now in one pan start boiling water for pasta. Add some salt to it if you want. In the other pan put some olive oil and toss in all the tomatoes that you have cut. Now comes the important tip- Tomatoes need to be slow cooked into a nice sauce. To this add some herbs, salt, ground black pepper and let it cook.
In the other pan the water must be boiling now. Put the pasta in it and let it cook. People have various means to find out when the pasta is cooked. To be honest I just eat it and find out. You may want to throw one or two pieces on the wall- and if it sticks and then falls then the pasta is ready- again it has to stick before it falls. Remember over cooked pasta doesn’t taste very nice. Now if the pasta is cooked and the sauce is ready then just mix the two, garnish it with parmesan cheese and the pasta is ready to be eaten. Just remember to rinse the water before you put the pasta in the sauce- you want to put only the pasta and not the water in which it was boiled.
Time taken- from the time you open your beer bottle to pasta on the plate- 30 minutes. Not bad….almost the same time as the Pizza Delivery man but much  cheaper and healthier.
And now you can sit  in your favorite chair and watching your favorite channel. This pasta goes nice with a chilled beer. So time to walk upto the fridge and grab another bottle. Being lonely once in a while is not too bad and do some more meals like these and you might start enjoying your own company.

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