Love Thy Neighbor :(

Love thy neighbor is easier said than done. Ask anyone in Delhi about the countless fights that you have to pick up in your colony for parking. But then that’s understandable right….it is Delhi. When I moved into this city about 8 years back I heard this story where a friend’s uncle was actually killed by ” your average” padosi because of some parking tussle. To add insult to injury the ” padosi” is still at large.

So the day I heard this story I made a promise to myself. There are many worthwhile causes to fight for and die for… parking your second hand Palio is not one of them and especially when your Palio gives 8km to a litre and is not a hot favorite to be lifted.

So today I faced a classical dilemma in dealing with my neighbor- my flat  badly needs some maintenance and it can only be done from Padosi’s house roof. Fully knowing that he has me by the balls the Padosi asked for convenience money- to resolve this thing ” amicably and with mutual cooperation”. Else he will not let me enter the house and go to the roof to get my flat fixed.

I can go to RWA and to anyone I care. It is his house and he has the right to decide who gets entry and who does not. And what pains my heart is that this is happening in Chittaranjan Park which is the center of Bengali culture and not your typical Punjabi bagh type colony .

So typical dilemma…. two choices.. the hard way or the easy way.  In the end I decided this is not a battle worth  fighting but as I’m sitting here and writing this blog I’m wondering  which battles are worth fighting for.


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