Walking and Holiday- Are you Mad ?

Walking Holiday- you mean a holiday in which we have to walk- are you crazy ? . This is not the standard response I get when I try explain my fellow brethren about the ” Walking Holidays” that I’m trying to create as part of my travel venture breakaway www.break-away.in .

But most people are quite confused as to what is a walking holiday and how it is different from a regular holiday or trekking.

The plan in a walking holiday is simple. We walk 🙂

The idea is to see the place slowly, absorb the sights and sounds that a place has to offer. Sometimes there are opportunities to immerse in the local culture and see the place like you have never seen it before. They also offer opportunity to spend time with yourself- relax, think unwind. For the shutter bugs there are plenty of opportunities to take pictures.

All our walking holidays are facilitated by our experts to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything ( and you are not lost 🙂  )

walking holiday in Tirthan ValleyThese are easy grade walks and almost everyone can do them unless you have a medical condition that stops you from doing the same. You walk for 2-3 hours a day and we every day come back to the place where we stay. On most days we leave after breakfast and come back for a late lunch ( about 2.30 PM).

The other highlight of the walking holidays is good food- and that too without guilt.  The walks that we organise have good food on the menu.

All our walking holidays are hosted in great properties. In most cases these are carefully selected Home-stays or family owned guesthouses and small hotels. At the moment we are running walking holidays in Tirthan Valley, Doon Valley and Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand.

I’m often asked what if I don’t want to walk- My answer is that walking holidays are not boot camp. You are pretty much free to do what you want. In most properties there are hammock lying or a small library or empty spaces where one can sit and relax. The point to remember is that walking holidays are fun and not a punishment :). These kind of holidays are quite a trend in the west and they are getting popular in India as well.

One of the walking holidays that I hosted was in Goshani in Tirthan valley. In the three days we were there we visited a local deity, saw Great Himalayan National Park and had some amazing time by the Tirthan river. The guests wanted to walk more so we walked more. But the group was pretty much open about taking things as they come.

So yeah, back to the original question- In walking holidays we walk- but you set the pace 🙂

(And if you want to experience walking and holiday give me a shout at rahul@break-away.in. )


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