I have a dream

Since the last three years when I was introduced to running I have a dream- To finish the Delhi Half Marathon under 2 hours and  respectfully finish Mumbai Full marathon ( this means do it under 5 hours and standing).

Its not that I’m particularly fond of timing- well you can’t  be if you are always getting beaten by the clock. Last year I finished Delhi Half ( for those who are wondering how much it is – its about 21.04 Kms) in 2 hours 13 minutes. This was my personal best but still full thirteen minutes more than 2 hours.

This year I been off and on running because of hectic travel schedule. But the Airtel Delhi Half marathon is coming soon. Another 25 days or so left.

My running problems are three fold- infrequent practice, over weight ( and core is weak) and short stride. All these things take some time to fix. So all I can hope for is for tail winds on the day of the race.

But here is a schedule that I will try and meet.

  • Week of 31st to 6th: Run three to four times and do a distance of 14 kms on one of the runs ( this means two rounds of Jahapanah Forest)
  • Week of 7th to 13th: Run four times. Do 14 kms on one day and 18 on another. Do a bit of speed running on the rest two days
  • Week of 14th to 21st: Run four times. Do a long run of 18kms one of the days and on another focus on speed.
  • Week of 22nd to 28th: Run twice- one long run of 14kms and one speed run. And on the 28th attempt the half.
For the next month or so I will also try be off alcohol and avoid any food extravaganza…. so please do not tempt me . Any kilo that I will not put on or lose will help me bring closer to the target.
With only four weeks to go and little preparation- running half under 2 is a tall ask. But I will still give my best to it.
Let’s see.
Keep watching this space for my running updates and hopefully the finish

3 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. Extra weight does make running more difficult.Diet is always a big factor,there is a great saying “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”,and it is so true.I have completed both 1/2 marathons and a marathon,both to me are great feat and be proud that you finished.Making goals are good and with the right training I think you can do it.Good luck

  2. no problem with the short strides as long as you have a quicker cadence. 3 strides for second and landing on the midfoot should help too. this got me through my half earlier this year. good luck! yvette

  3. Thanks…. I did 9k yesterday and tomorrow is the big day to do 14K and then rest for couple of days and then again move a few kms higher. Will keep everyone posted.

    Yvette, getting any quicker changes my running style and more pain then. So for now I have to stick to what I been doing for the last 3 years.

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