Aliens Vs God

Yesterday was a day for some really nice Kebab’s Coffee and conversations with Jamal and Manasi. Conversations with Jamal normally starts with his marriage plans ( which everyone except he is making) and end with ” Sab maya hai” sigh.

But yesterday the conversation took quite a interesting turn. We started discussing Aliens ( Manasi and I unanimously  decided we had enough of Jamal and now aliens sound more interesting)

Our argument was, Aliens have been discovered.  Life exists in other planets.  We have the proof.  But there is a huge conspiracy mounted by the Governments not to share this with the general public.

The logic was simple. Our world functions  because large number of people believe in the existence of God. In most religions there is a concept of  God creating this world.  In some ways our belief in God comes from this fact only. There is a concept of right and wrong, heaven and hell and sin and good deeds.

If there is life out there in the universe then that will prove the theory of evolution and will take out God from the equation. And with God out a lot of Godly things will also go away. Concepts like soul, reincaranation, Karma, sin, heaven, hell all exists because God exists.

So there could be all out  anarchy if humans were to lose belief in God. And thats why it is  in our best interest not to know that they exist???

I don’t know. We had our Kichdi after coffee and went to sleep and realised that on a heavy stomach Jamal’s marriage is probably the best thing to discuss.



One thought on “Aliens Vs God

  1. If there is additional life in the universe that doesn’t prove God cannot not exist.Perhaps he made Earth 1st and wanted to improve his 1st try

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