Life is like that…..

Good advice is rare. Free  advice you only get on CNBC.  Every morning Udayan Mukherjee and his team advices me to be  ” Cautiously Optimistic”

But you know what is best. It is the free good advice that comes to you in the form of text message. When your phone blinks in the middle of the night you know that you are blessed. There is someone else ( other than your boss, god and spouse and padosee) who is watching you. Day or night, India or Overseas there is someone who will not rest, not tire to remind you what you need the most in your life.

I absolutely love the honesty and sincerity in these messages. No small talk, to subtle hints… ek dum to the point..

Who will confront you with these lines ” ap motape se pareshan hain”. Only a saccha well wisher. Who will give your personal loans in the middle of the night. Only a saccha dost.. isn’t it.

Believe me all the messages that come to me have all the solutions to fix my life. I have a weight problem.  I  need a house and I have low confidence so I can do with some public speaking classes. And they also know the I have a lifestyle disorder problem. And I badly need a holiday and a takeaway food joint.

“Sab sach hai mere dost. Agar tum na hote to mujhe aaiana kaun dikhata.”

Here is the list of my most favorite messages that I treasure.

1) Kya aap motape se pareshan hain. Be slim and Smart!!! weight loss up-to 15 Kgs in 3 months: 100% Ayurvedic Juice. Guaranteed results with money back.

2)  Kya aap mansoon mein virus wala paane peyenge ( aap pyaar se pilainge to Jaroor) . Apne filter ke service karwayein

3) Worlds largest lab offer lifestyle disorder profile  ( 63 tests), heart, LFT, KFT TSH

4) abhi nahin to kabhe nahin: Luxury shops and offices, good discount

5) learn public speaking from your home. get confidence warna paise wapas

6) Kamaiye Rs 150000 se Rs 300000 har mahine hi tech institute ka course karke.

Moral of the story :  Never Never underestimate the power of  text message that has landed in your phone. Is ne mere life badal dee.. aapke bhee badal sakta hai.. just leave your number on the comment box


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