Give Rahul Gandhi a break

I know that public bashing of  politician is in vogue so my post is not going to be popular. But seriously think about it, let’s give him a break yaar. Aaj kal everyone is just after his life.

He is just like you and me.

I don’t think he made any special request to be born in to the Gandhi family. Just like for everyone born in a our particular family is a accident. And that plays a important part of what we eventually become. For 99% of us our family backgrounds ( food, shelter,access to education ) made us what we are. I  for once cannot claim that without basic things that my family provided I would have still managed to earn a decent  living.  So why it should be any different for Rahul Gandhi.

So many of us are trapped in medical/engineering profession because  parents are doctors/engineers . So many work on family business or sit at the ” Dukaan” even when they hate it. So how is Rahul Gandhi any different. His “Dukaan” is congress and he has to make sure it works.

Politics is not easy anywhere and its especially tough in India. Rahul Gandhi is trying his best to make sure his “Dukaan” survives. Off course just like our mothers will help us so is Rahul’s mother helping him with things.  Rahul is trying and its not easy. I feel that we have to see him like one of us. Just like we are prone to failures and so is he.

Politics is not easy. Full of cunning people gunning for you. Look it like this   most of us are not able to manage relationships, office politics etc etc. If its okay for us its okay for Rahul Gandhi also.

One can argue about pitfalls of Dynastic politics and all that but don’t expect Gandhi family to remove that. Bhai, its their “Dukaan” why will they close it down. The junta of this country will have to do this by electing good leaders, standing for elections etc etc.

If he visits the blast victims he gets bashed, if he doesn’t he still gets bashed. So what he should do ?  To expect that he can stop all these blasts is not real. And the argument that America can do it so can just doesn’t work. If we were to be as high handed as the US we might spark off a nuclear war.

I think a lot of us are angry with Rahul Gandhi because we think he doesn’t deserve what he has got. We also get lots of things that we don’t deserve.

I don’t know Rahul Gandhi enough to like him or hate him.  But I honestly think he doesn’t deserve all the mud that he gets. I doubt anyone of us would have been done better in a situation where he is in. Your father gets assassinated- what do you do? You will do everything to protect your family. If its okay for us, its okay for him also.

I feel we might have political views about Rahul and his brand of politics but lately things have become very personal. I don’t think he is a” Crook” and ” Imbecile” like what he is made to look like on blogs, social media etc etc.

He may have his limitations but he is trying hard. Is this not what all of us are doing all the time.? So why hate him






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