I’m not Anna

I’m not Anna and to be honest  I’m not very sure about the Lokpal bill . But I admire the fact that a 74 year old man has brought the whole country together perhaps for the first time after independence.

A handful of protesters in Jantar Mantar- no one gives a .. you know what. But a whole country united now that is something you cannot ignore. Now congress has a real chance of losing the next elections and much more.  Intellectuals may still use their freedom of speech and hide behind very sophisticated arguments but in their hearts they know that ” Anna Spectacle” is bigger than anything that all of them can ever create.

I have a simple question- we have a zillion laws in the country and nothing changes. So let there be another law. what’s the big deal. Why so vehemently against it.

I know what you are going to say but  somehow I don’t buy the argument of the Lokepal bill a threat to our constitution, parliament et al.  You know and I know that all our parliamentarians are bunch of crooks framing laws for I don’t know who.

In the end the may be the question is whose side you are ? One side are our  politicians and intellectuals  On the other side is a 74 year old man wearing a Gandhi cap.

I don’t want to choose sides. I’m not Anna but I hate corruption and I hate the way my country is being misgoverned. Like someone once said” Desperate Problems require desperate solutions”.

So for once give this a chance. We have many laws that are much more draconian than the Lokepal bill. Agar un pe itna protest nahin karte ho to is mein kyuin.


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