The Ugly Truth

Something has been bothering me for a while. Reading articles about rampant corruption in governance , displacement of adivasis from their land by the state in the name of development in India, the uprising in Cairo and in Tunis made me wonder- what defines a nation state? whose country is India ?

As I was looking for answers I realized that the country belongs to those who are in power or are powerful. This has been the century old rule. Only powerful kings ruled powerless were wiped out.

So who are the powerful in India. Politicians, ministers, Civil servants, and big Corporates. If you are not in this list then you don’t matter. Someone once told me that in India if you are not in the Government Gazette( as in Government official) then you simply don’t exist.

So when I started thinking about what makes someone powerful and that is one I was confronted with  “The Ugly Truth”.

Powerful is that person who has enough power to destroy other people’s lives. People who build lives for e.g  doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists are never addressed as powerful people. The adjectives for them are great, nice, expert and so on.  So why would someone in their sane mind like to be powerful.. to destroy lives.

This is how it happens. The powerful minister orders tribal out of their houses for steel projects, the powerful boss can take your job, the powerful police officer can put you in lockup, the most powerful person in the world can declare war against any country and millions will perish.

The meek will inherit the earth…. I doubt it.


One thought on “The Ugly Truth

  1. a part of me agrees with everything you just wrote…. sometimes it makes you feel that as long as you dont have power you will have no say…. and then ur confronted with the biggest catch 22 situation….. can u be ruthless and attain power only to end ruthlessness??

    think about it….

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