The New ID Raj…

I don’t know if you noticed how many places you have to provide your Identity. I can understand the logic at the Airports and to some extent in getting new mobile connection but what I faced today was most ridiculous.

I went to buy the new Blackberry 9300 at Spice Mobile Hotspot at East of Kailash community Center, New Delhi.  I give my credit card for purchase and once everything is complete the guy asks me for ID proof.  Now I have two problems with this a) I don’t want to give my ID proof every time I’m using my card. b) Spice Mobile Customer care should tell me before hand that this is a requirement.

I’m adamant. I don’t want to buy Blackberry from Spice Mobile. But now I’m left with a transaction slip which I have to reverse. In the mean time the customer service guy while doing something on his laptop gives me Gyan that you are the only customer who is complaining.

To confirm if the transaction has been reversed I call ICICI Bank customer care ( now don’t smile). After 7 attempts I’m not able to talk to a human being thanks to the IVR that has been designed to ensure that no one reaches customer service agent. Well done ICICI Bank.

And here I’m helpless on both counts and writing a blog about it.




2 thoughts on “The New ID Raj…

  1. We would like to inform you that as per the guidelines from RBI and also according to Company policy, yes we do ask for ID Proof copy from the customer for any transaction done from Credit Card because of the following reasons:-

    1. We receive police complaints against the swapping of credit card by the person’s who are actually not the real/original holder of the credit card for which we have sufficient proofs.

    2. To safeguard the interest of our company we have instructed our store staff to obtain the identification of the customer for our records for customer data including that of replying to the concerned police officials with regard to fake transactions.

    3. Further as per the guidelines issue by the concerned Bank who are issuing the credit cards to its customers, it is specifically that credit card must bear signature of the person holding the same and in most of the cases, customers coming/visiting at our store have the credit cards which do not bear the signature of the holder of the credit card, so in abundant precautions we are bound to demand for the photo identity/identification of the person who is swapping the credit card.

  2. Thanks Sandeep.

    But the bigger question still remains. The customer should be told about this ” BEFORE ” he makes the purchase and not ” AFTER” he made the purchase. Then the customer is stuck.

    Can something be done about this ?

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