Sughavazvhu- A bold Rural health Enterprise

As I enter the rural health clinic of  SughaVazhu  almost immediately I been asked if I would like to get a health check up done. I say fine a bit reluctantly as I’m not a big fan of needles and blood. But I guess I’m not in a position to refuse as all eyes are on me. I hold my breath and do my best not to faint and put the whole health clinic on test. A trained nurse asks me to look the other side as she collects my blood sample.  And while the blood is being taken away an being analysed in a very hi-tech looking machine she is asking a few questions. In less then 2 minutes my blood report is ready, she has asked me a few more questions, taken down my blood pressure, measure my height, weight and waist. And then she asks me if I have any previous ailments etc etc.  And then she gives me the verdict.  Sir, please reduce your weight. Your BMI is 29, you should bring it is under 25. Eat lots of vegetables. Stay away from alcohol, reduce salt intake, drink at least 4-5 litres of water. She also shows me couple of exercise for my cervical pain. And all of this takes about 15 minutes or less.

Familiar Advice, Familiar tests.. something that you would encounter in the Apollo’s and Fortis of the world that we live in. Except that this Sughavazhu clinic  is located in a rural area about 30-40  kms off  Thanjavore in a village called Karambayam and the whole test and the advise was for Rs 100 only ( I must confess I got a 50% discount).

Dr Mor explains the rational of these tests.. More often the poor person in a village doesn’t know what disease he is suffering from. The tests in the city are expensive. The idea is get him to one of these clinics, get the tests done, give some consultation through a Doctor. Most common health issues can be managed in the clinic and for others the patient can be referred to a hospital.  The evidence based test ( the one that I went through) in most cases can give a good scan for a person’s health… for e.g in my case it would have been easy to say what my propensity for Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD) is.

The consultation and the tests are for Rs 100 but the services and equipment is world class. The Sughavazhvu clinic was probably the cleanest clinic I have been to and was equipped with same kind diagnostic machines that you would find in a fancy city Diagnostic lab.

While the Fee of Rs 100 stumped me, Dr Mor was quick to point out that the competition that Sughavazhu has is not with Apollos or the Fortis but with Grandmothers in the villages. And while Rs 100 is not a big amount for me its still a very big amount for the villagers.

What I really liked about Sughavazhvu  is that it is so bold and fresh approach to the rural health care scene in India. More about Sughavazvhvu can be read at .

As usual I was mesmerized by Dr Mor’s energy and understanding of  Health sector. He prompted me to read an article title ” The Asian Enigma “ which has challenged the way I been thinking of the progress that India has done in the last decade.  Dr Mor’s blog on the article can be accessed here.

In all a very very fulfilling trip.

I wish Sugha Luck to SughaVazvhu.. btw it aptly means in Tamil.. good health


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