Strengths… weaknesses.. weaknesses and threats

Well I thought let me analyse my eating pattern first. Actually its quite simple in my case. I eat as if there is no tomorrow. No other chance ever to get another meal. So eat eat and eat. I’m greedy with food. The case  rests.

Here are a list of things that would tempt me and put temporary “pardah” on my “akal”. You guys make your own list.

  • Good Non-Veg: Korma, Tandoree chicken, Mulla Je ka Changezee chicken,   Biryani , Paye, Nihari, etc etc….
  • Anything in Kareem and Ghalib
  • Choclate based desserts: Yummmm
  • All kinds of chocolates
  • Any food expecially when others are paying
  • Anything with Beer
  • Beer with anything
  • Rasmalai, Rabri
  • Gaajar ka Halwa and Moong ke Daal ka Halwa
  • Mangoes
  • Any food which is pretending to be healthy
  • Any firangee sounding food
  • Rajmah Chaawal

The only saving grace I guess is that I do exercise when ever I get time…

So this is my battlefield. God help me…



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