Please don’t tempt me.. the 10kg challenge

I have realized that I need to control my eating. Food is becoming my biggest weakness and I have tendency to overeat. I’m now going on a weight loss challenge. Nothing drastic.. just trying to lose about 10 Kgs in the next 4 months through a combination of exercise,  control etc etc. Iwant to get back to my ideas weight which I guess is about 75 Kgs.

I think the biggest challenge is going to be regulating how much I eat.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

So let’s see




7 thoughts on “Please don’t tempt me.. the 10kg challenge

  1. Hey man!

    I totally want to be a part of it! They say, it helps if you try to lose wt with more ppl!

    Let me know the things you plan to do! Would either join you or try to follow your routine!



  2. Hi Rahul!

    Apart from how much one eats, it is WHAT one eats is very crucial. My own experience is that eating right is the key and not eating less (of course am not justifying overeating) for example morning time is best for eating fatty stuffs or parathas, evening meal must be lighter. Knowing about and choosing protein based, fibre rich items and avoiding heavy carbs and surely high calories food help quickly. Also if the diet regulation starts, exercise/physical dos must not stop. Its like mix of many things give results and if you are able to continue, you will surly maintain.

    Good luck and Cheers

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