Eat.Sleep.Poo.. Love will follow soon

This is a fairly honest post. People below 30 year of age will not identify with anything that I’m going to write. People above 30 … guys this is ” The Secret”.

If there is one thing that regular exercise has done to me is that its has given my body a nice schedule. I get up early to run or cycle. This means that I have to sleep on time. To sleep on time I have to eat my dinner on time. And if I do all these things can “on time poo” be far behind :).

Seems fairly boring and routine but my dear readers the devil is in what I do between running and going to sleep. Because I have got some calorie deficit I can eat mostly anything that I want as long as I’m not too greedy about it. I feel very energetic through out the day.  I feel positive. I can do more work, my mind is more active etc etc. I can also handle a beer or two every 2-3 days without any problem and most importantly I have lost weight and I’m able to maintain it.

Some dear friends have also told me that I look younger. Now that brings smile to my face as I’m now on the wrong side of 30s.

So swear by running and cycling. After  a 7-10km when you are all sweaty and tired the whole body is saying thank you  to you. That is an amazing feeling.  You have to experience it to believe it.

So what is my philosophy then.

Eat Sleep Poo. And off course  Pray. Love will follow soon. Believe me constipated looks or constipation are never lady killers though they might kill lady in the process.

So get up, put on your sneakers and run.

Still lazy…. okay.. I give up just go and watch Julia Robert charm you in her new flick


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