The Rusk and the Milk

Before this world corrupted me , breakfast for me was  nice Aloo Parantha with Amul butter and curd and some aachar on the side. Other days it was Double Roti with Jam on one side and white butter on other. And on really really special days the breakfast used to Rusks or Rus and a glass of warm milk with some  overnight badam’s overnight soaked in water.

That was old world.

In the new world  curd comes in various flavors, Dalia is called porridge where “muesli” is not something to grind with but to eat and  milk with malai is un- healthy. My breakfast has also changed. On most days it is Muesli with curd or some brown bred with yeast ( marmite) and peanut butter.  The regular Roti-Sabzi and chai also makes appearance only when I have cooked excess sabzi to taken to office.

But today I went back to the old world. I had purchased some rusks from Ellora’s in Dehradoon ( of the no sugar variety) . The packet was lying on my dining table for a while. Fortunately today there was some milk available in house. So I boiled some milk, picked a few rusks and then sat in front of the TV watching CNBC. As I dipped the rusk in warm milk and then put that little mushy-little sweet rusk in mouth the memories of childhood came rushing in. Those were the days when waist line and lipid profile was not a concern and when I could eat anything that I wanted and when I was eating food for eating and not to impress… those were the days.

I hate my muesli with curd, I hate the brown bread

Koi lauta de mere rusk walee din

double rotee makkhan wale din

aaloo paranthe waale din

Let me know what is your bachpan kaa favourite breakfast moment.



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