This is the country I would like to live in

In the end Chile was able to save all of its 33 miners who were trapped under a mine that collapsed after an ordeal of 69 days. The miners have been trapped since Aug. 5 2010, when a landslide at the gold and copper mine in northern Chile caused a tunnel to collapse and left the workers trapped hundreds of metres underground.

Chile is not a poor country not it is rich.. there are 43 countries richer than Chile ( of GDP per capita basis) .  But it demonstrated to the world the value of the human life in Chile is invaluable.  This the country where I would love to live.

The country that I live in is in complete contrast to Chile. The cheapest thing here is the lives of people and more so of poor people. In India the miners would have died without even making it to the headlines of the news papers.  Look at the state of Indian media. When the whole world media like BBC and CNN was showing live coverage of the Chile mine rescue the Indian media was busy pushing the same old story of politics, rape, attacks, bands, Dharnas and Sansani…

Take the example of the workers who died or were injured building the metro and more recently the infamous foot bridge of Common wealth games . No one knows whether their family got any compensation or not. what are their names. Has any company been brought to justice for criminal negligence. No.. because they are poor workers. Their lives are cheap.

So we might have thousand of years of culture behind us and we might be the the third largest economy in the world someday… but the country that doesn’t value the life of its citizen above all is not a country at all.





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